Capital Incubator Technical Support for Facilities Development
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Capital Planning and Education

  • Review operations, financial position, fundraising history, management and board in the context of capital planning
  • Review strategic plan or make recommendation to initiate planning process
  • Recommend appropriate plan of finance for capital project:
    • Work with staff and/or fundraising counsel to assess capacity to raise capital donations.
    • Determine appropriateness of and capacity for long term debt financing.
    • Outline components of proposed plan of finance, i.e. the plan could include a capital
    campaign, tax-exempt bond financing secured by a letter of credit and/or a foundation guarantee, and a bridge loan from a community loan fund.
  • Educate management and Board throughout planning process, particularly regarding expectations, due diligence and options for fundraising and debt financing.
  • Prepare preliminary project timeline and sources and uses of funds to include all aspects of development (i.e. collaboration planning, bricks and mortar, capital campaign, financing)

Pre-Development and Project Coordination

  • Review ownership options such as purchase, long-term lease, multi-tenant collaboration, campus, new construction or renovation
  • Review existing project assumptions including program size and definition, space planning, architectural drawings, cost estimates and sources and uses of funds.
  • Strategize with staff and leadership to define current vision and space needs.
  • Assist in selection of broker and project manager (as needed) and preliminary design and cost estimating team to produce revised project definition and estimates.
  • Assist in selection of architect, contractor, and project manager, as appropriate.
  • Strategize with legal and architectural team to obtain entitlements.
  • Assist in oversight of design process.
  • Oversee lender requirements for project.
  • Ongoing, assist in project coordination throughout predevelopment process and through constructon period as needed.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Assist in identifying potential site partners who can strengthen the vision and/or bring additional sources of funds to the project.
  • Meet with potential site partners to determine appropriate fit.
  • Assist in negotiations with collaborative partner(s) to define respective roles regarding fundraising and financing.
  • Clarify expectations and assumptions for ownership and control prior to construction, during construction, and upon occupancy.
  • Ongoing participation in partnership meetings and activities.

Financial Advisory Services and Planning for Debt Financing

  • Obtain sufficient internal analysis to make a preliminary decision on whether to pursue debt financing.
  • Educate Board and management regarding appropriate financing options including bank loans, bond financing, new markets tax credits, program related investments, alternative loan sources
  • Determine preliminary plan of finance and appropriate combination of organizational equity, capital campaign,and debt financing.
  • Assist in selection of financing and legal team
  • If feasibility study or business plan is required, help select and work with consultant.
  • If bond financing is indicated, review options for obtaining credit enhancement through insurance, a letter of credit or through a parent organization or foundation guarantee(s).
  • Assist in preparation and submittal of application(s) to lender or credit enhancer, and to any other financial institution who is a party to the transaction.
  • Assist, as needed, in meeting lender requirements for design and construction.
  • If needed, identify and assist in obtaining bridge financing prior to close of financing and/or prior to close of capital campaign.
  • Assist management during document review and financing phases

Capital Campaign Planning

  • Assess current giving of organization’s ongoing funders and individual donors.
  • Determine need for capital campaign feasibility and planning study and assist in selection of consultant.
  • Assist in selection or hiring of fundraising staff if not already in place
  • Assist staff and consultants in designing capital campaign plan, especially as it relates to financing options and design and development aspects of the project
  • Mentoring fund development and/or capital campaign staff

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